Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

Uniqueness of THIS Children’s Book

  • REAL closeup wildlife photos—authentic vs illustrations
  • REAL story vs fantastical—child grows up and travels to see animals in the wild
  • Emojis to make it easier to identify words
  • DISABILITY of author. No computer. Created on iPhone—dictated on Siri, laid out in SimplePrints app
  • WILDLIFE VIDEOS—Travel with Rozanne on book’s YouTube channel – Subscribe free
  • Tested with children, teachers, others— 20+ reader reviews from teachers, librarians, parents, grandparents, sister, uncles, businesses.
  • Beyond the Book – Taps creativity and imagination of children. Transports them on ‘Imaginary Journey to rainforests of Borneo to see orangutans!’

Book Cover - Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

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Rozanne Feeding Giraffe
Scared to kiss a Giraffe, Rozanne first fed them by hand in Giraffe Manor’s dining room. Did you ever see such a sight?!
Most people leave Africa and NEVER see an elusive leopard. Rozanne was only one on trip to see FIVE leopards—including two baby cubs! High ✋FIVE Rozanne!

Feed baby elephant
Rozanne adopted this orphaned baby elephant for her great niece from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya.

Outside Expert Reviews

To Kiss a Giraffe!! Who Gets to do THAT?
It was my mother & step-father who started Giraffe Manor when Daisy Rothschild & Marlon, two endangered baby Rothschild giraffe, came to live at our house in the suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya. They later turned our home into the hotel it is today & founded the now famous Giraffe Centre. I therefore LOVED Rozanne Weissman’s new children’s book,”Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe!” It’s absolutely charming & just perfect for the level of children’s understanding & their sense of awe. BRAVA Rozanne! You’ve really got a winner on your hands. I know children from all around the world will lap up this book which speaks directly to THEM! And I hope it makes it into multiple languages for that very purpose. I’d love to see it become a New York Times best seller, because it’s also a joyful & fascinating book, even for an adult.”
—Dancy Mills who grew up in Kenya’s famed Giraffe Manor

International Appeal & More Outside Expert Reviews

Rozanne Weissman, Children’s Book Author

When Rozanne was a little girl she loved watching wild animals. When she grew up, she traveled to see wildlife where they lived.

She loves sharing stories, photos, and videos of her three wildlife travels with children. That turned into her unique children’s book, ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe.’

As a marketing communications exec., Weissman won 60 awards, including for campaigns and materials for teachers, schools, parents, and children.

Media Recognition

IMAGINE. With Rozanne

Rozanne worked with children 2-9 and teachers in developing ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe 🦒.’  

Now, Rozanne is using her children’s book as a jumping off point to pilot ‘Imaginary Wildlife Journeys’—starting with Borneo to see orangutans. Rozanne shares amazing stories not covered in the book. Her goal: Tap into the imaginations of COVID19-era scared, anxious, bored, ‘Zoomed-out, zoned-out’ children, their overwhelmed, homeschooling parent/s, and digitally-fatigued teachers by transporting them into another world. A future world with ‘wild’ positive possibilities.

Afterward prompt and listen to children talk about their imaginary journeys—what they’d like to do, see, be in the future if ANYTHING were possible. Nothing is too far out in dreams. Adults too? How might you tap children’s imaginations after other children’s books?

Meanwhile consider free activities based on wildlife theme of imaginary journey. What wildlife might they see on a walk, a park, yard, museum, zoo? Field trips? What more might they learn about wildlife in the neighborhood? What might they write now? Draw?

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