Rozanne Tracks 🐾 Polar Bears at Edge of Arctic

Unique New Wildlife Children’s Book

For children who love animals, ages 2-8.

When Rozanne was a child like her readers, she LOVED wildlife. When she grew up, she longed to see wildlife where they live—in the wild.

Rozanne Tracks 🐾 Polar Bears at Edge of Arctic is based on Wildlife Children’s Book Author Rozanne Weissman‘s fourth wildlife journey to REMOTE Churchill, Manitoba, Canadathe “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”

Doors to homes and cars in in Churchill are unlocked so that anyone can enter to be safe from fierce, powerful polar bears. Book Highlights: dogsledding, helicoptering to a polar bear den, and DOZENS of exciting color photos and videos of polar bears that had not eaten in 145 days. Why? NO SEA ICE!

Rozenne Tracks Polar Bears at Edge of Arctic book cover

Rozanne ”transports” children with her on FOUR wildlife journeys through two UNIQUE books that offer:

  • Hope for DISABLED—An unlikely, unimaginable children’s book author, Rozanne has long-standing hand/wrist disabilities and NO COMPUTER (doctor’s orders). When asked to create a book of her three wildlife journeys with her photos “for the children“ where she volunteered, Rozanne thought: but how? Shenow has created 2 children’s book on an iPhone— dictated on Siri; laid out content/photos in an app.  “It’s a long painful process…but doable!” adds Rozanne.

The 2 books are part of her NEW Rozanne‘s Wildlife Travels children’s book series—same name as her YouTube channel. Where might Rozanne travel next?

Rozanne, in orange scarf, stands in front of polar bear jail in Churchill.
“Rozanne in orange scarf 🧣” stands in front of polar bear jail in Churchill. Polar Bears 🐻‍❄️ who get near town with people are trapped and then go to jail where they get nothing but water. It’s for the safety of humans and polar bears.
Polar bear tests the sea ice on the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Canada to see if it’s strong enough to hold him. It wasn’t.
Polar bear jumps to tests the sea ice on the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Canada to see if it’s strong enough to hold him. It wasn’t.
The author‘s first time dogsledding. The ride was called tongue-in-cheek “ididamile” (I did a mile.)
This was the author‘s (in front with orange scarf 🧣 ) first time dogsledding. The ride was called tongue-in-cheek “ididamile” (I did a mile.) Rozanne wanted more!
Book Cover - Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

Rozanne’s three previous wildlife journeys are covered in her first highly acclaimed wildlife children’s book, Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe — 30+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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Outside Expert Reviews

Congratulations! Keep on traveling and writing those children’s books!”

—Dr Birute Mary Galdikas,
world‘s leading primatologist on orangutans with whom author traveled in Borneo on her first wildlife journey; part of Louis Leakey “triumvirate” with Jane Goodall (chimpanzees) & the late Dian Fossey (gorillas).

The fast disappearance of Arctic ice has profound consequences for the largest bears in the world. The declining numbers of polar bears should have signaled to all that we must change our energy course. It didn’t. Lacking their traditional diet, bears are encroaching on human communities. Rozanne Weissman, a children’s book author, takes children on an imaginary trip to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the polar bears and, in a sensitive way, help readers understand the threats that polar bears face and the challenges of managing hungry bears in a warming world.”

—Larry J. Schweiger
former president & CEO, National Wildlife Federation;
author “The Climate Crisis & Corrupt Politics: Overcoming Powerful Forces that Threaten our Future”

We can’t wait to work with Rozanne on her exciting new polar bear book! All of my classrooms have Rozanne’s first book, ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to KISS a Giraffe.’ Children love it. Even more exciting: Rozanne comes into our classrooms and ‘transports’ children with her to Africa through the book, ‘storytelling’ beyond-the-book’, ‘secrets’ not in the book, & videos on ‘Rozanne’s Wildlife Travels’ YouTube channel. 

“At the end, children gather around Rozanne and her iPad and each separately ‘touches’ a baby orphaned elephant—as a girl does in the video. When Rozanne asks ‘Are you in Africa with me?’ The children excitedly exclaim ‘Yes!’ Next, she’ll ‘transport’ them to the Arctic!”

—Ashley Haynes
operator of Learning Leaf Child Development Center, a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool 

“I REALLY enjoyed this book!  It was interesting, informative, engaging, funny-silly, & an EXPERIENCE! 

It’s a reading & visual delight, steeped in wilderness adventure & learning opportunities. The author speaks engagingly & directly to children (ages 2-8) and propels them to ask important questions about polar bears, sea ice, warming waters, & why bears haven’t eaten in 145 days.

Rozanne is a teacher, traveler, wildlife enthusiast, & brings her zest & knowledge straight to your children. My grandchild (5½) was riveted & wanted more at the end. We can’t wait for Rozanne’s next trip! I’ve ordered this book to donate to my grandchild’s school library!”

— Dancy Mills
Grew up at Giraffe Manor, Kenya, Africa, with 2 endangered Rothschild giraffes & her author/mother known as “Giraffe Lady.” Parents & Dancy established Giraffe Centre in Kenya and Dancy was executive director for 3 years.  Based in Baltimore, Dancy calls herself a “wildlife conservation activist.” 

I never imagined when I made a little suggestion to Rozanne that she create a book of her wildlife travels with her photos ‘for the children’ 4 years ago that it would turn into SO MUCH MORE. 

Rozanne’s new polar bear book in the unique format I suggested is so interesting! I like how playful and engaging it is! She turned this second book into an overarching series—with the same name as her ‘Rozanne’s Wildlife Travels’ YouTube channel that accompanies her two books.

Her first book went on Amazon shortly before the pandemic. Everything scheduled to promote her book was canceled. Concerned about students and teachers during the pandemic, Rozanne offered to go into schools virtually FREE to “transport” children to ‘wildlife worlds.’ She reached students in six states! 

Rozanne has a relentless desire to share her love and curiosity about animals with children. I am delighted that her books are now in the hands of some children in other countries—knowing that reading about her adventures will encourage others to embark on their own.”

—Dee DeeParker Wright
VP of children’s services Easterseals DC MD VA; “mother of Rozanne’s first book” as former executive director of bilingual Jubilee JumpStart where author was longest term volunteer