Wildlife Children’s Book Author Rozanne Weissman Debuts Timely New Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️ Book 

Ages 2-8

Wildlife Children’s Book Author Rozanne Weissman debuts her timely new polar bear book—“Rozanne Tracks 🐾 Polar Bears at Edge of Arctic”—in mid-November 2023 to simultaneously celebrate the 50th anniversary of the treaty of five nations to protect polar bears. 

The legally binding  multilateral cooperative treaty was signed by five nations—Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the US (Alaska)—November 15, 1973 in Oslo Norway. Weissman’s new book party and signing is the evening before.

The treaty was successful in lowering polar bear deaths from big issues of the time—trophy hunting, shootings from airplanes and elsewhere, shootings when polar bears were near towns or people.

Now the bigger threat to polar bears: Faster warming of Arctic and subarctic than elsewhere. Sea ice forms later and melts earlier. And sea ice is where polar bears live. This forces polar bears to live near people.

“I personally SAW polar bears that had not eaten for 145 days—no sea ice as the climate warms,” reports the author who traveled to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada for this book. “Polar bears curiously walked around our Polar Rover. Then we went to the Hudson Bay to watch polar bears test the ice—jumping, lying spread eagle with butt up—to see if the ice were strong enough to hold them. It wasn’t yet.”

Why should humans care? Arctic 🥶 sea ice is important for humans. It reflects sunlight and keeps worldwide temperatures down. It’s the earth’s “air conditioner.“

Rozanne’s two children “book consultants” ensure that the book is written for children 2-8. Before the trip, they encouraged a popular section on “Surprising  Polar Bear Facts.” See six expert outside book reviews by wildlife, climate, and two by early childhood educators. The book also includes dogsledding with wonderful photos and videos of dogs; also photos/videos of   helicoptering to a polar bear den.

“Rozanne Tracks 🐾 Polar Bears 🐻‍❄️ at Edge of Arctic,” is the author’s second book created in her unique style in the children’s book world:

  • REAL story rather than fantastical (child loves wildlife, grows up, travels where wildlife live—in the wild)
  • REAL photos vs illustrations 
  • Emojis—children wanted more
  • Rozanne’s Wildlife Travels YouTube channel (Subscribe FREE!) accompanies 2 books
  • Beyond book—Rozanne taps the creativity and imagination of children. She “transports” children with her to Africa and Borneo on an Imaginary Journey to Borneo rainforests to see Orangutans, and next year to the subarctic. The author does this through her books, storytelling re her experiences, “secrets” that only children who meet the author would know, gathering around  her YouTube videos that make children feel as if they are there.
  • Disability inspiration—Both books were created on an iPhone by an author who has long-term hand/wrist disabilities and NO computer for 7 years. Rozanne dictated on Siri and laid out photos and contents in an app.

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Perfect gift for:

  • your children
  • grandchildren
  • nieces
  • nephews
  • cousins
  • neighbors
  • children of friends, colleagues, employees, service providers
  • children abroad—interest in animal story universal

Rozanne’s track record 🐾 of RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS

Prior to becoming a children’s book author,  Rozanne was a top marketing communications exec and head of her consultancy, Rozanne Weissman & Associates. For employers and clients, she won more than 60 national and international marketing/ communications awards!