Why hire Rozanne Weissman & Associates?


Just as location, location, location matters most in real estate, RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS are what matters in marketing communications.

roseWhen Rozanne Weissman left a job for her first major managerial role, managers and staff gave her a superwoman T-shirt. Why? Because she succeeded on ridiculously tough challenges after others hadn't. So, on a lark, as a “free agent,” she chose the twitter handle PRlady007. Take that James Bond.

Track Recordtrack print

She continued that results-oriented track record for both employers and clients over the years... and won more than 60 marketing communications awards!

Here's why you should hire Rozanne Weissman & Associates:

  • Quite simply RESULTS! Increased awareness, action, buzz, traffic, sales!
  • Experienced strategist and executioner — your work isn't passed on to lower level staff
  • Lower cost than agencies — no overhead markups. Design, video and PSA production, photography, printing as well as dissemination of news releases on PR wires or PSAs to networks and stations, are negotiated for best cost and billed at our cost.
  • Flexibility to take on small projects that don't appeal to big agencies.

Why Leopards?

Why Leopards?
Leopards have been good to Rozanne. For Discovery client: Rozanne worked on the highly successful launch of its Animal Planet network and launch of its first feature film, “The Leopard Son,” and was given a toy leopard and leopard-framed thank you for her work. For Animal Tracks: Animals (including leopards) and their paw prints led children to environmental learning.

Why Leopard Tracks?

why leopard tracks
They represent Rozanne Weissman’s track record of results for her employers and her clients and more than 60 marketing communications awards. Leopard tracks take the eye across the page and serve as fun bullets.

Who Are ‘& Associates?’

Who are And Associates
For the most part, Rozanne Weissman & Associates is a solo integrated marketing communications consultancy. Rozanne—not an underling—develops your strategy and tactics, including news releases.  The “& Associates” covers whoever else might be needed to execute your work—topnotch photographer, videographer, producer, designer, printer, PSA or newswire distributor.