UNIQUE! Rozanne Weissman’s perfect gift for children who love animals 

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‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe’ by children’s book author Rozanne Weissman is a unique “anytime gift” for children ages 2-9 in your life who love animals.

Book Cover - Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

It breaks new ground in children’s books, and children, outside reviewers, and readers love its authenticity—from its REAL closeup wildlife photos to the emojis in the story requested by children ‘advance reviewers.’ Children also chose the Giraffe book cover photo.

The children’s book starts with Rozanne as a child (like her readers) who loved watching wild animals. When she grows up, she travels to see wildlife where they live—a childhood dream. 

The book covers Rozanne’s three wildlife journeys with her engaging, full-color animal photos—from orangutans in the rain forests of Borneo to penguins, orphaned elephants, giraffes, and FIVE elusive leopards, including two cubs up a tree,   across many countries in Africa.

“My desire: to transport children with me on journeys not only through the book but also through a new ‘Imaginary Journey’ endeavor created during solo quarantine to tap the creativity and innovation of today’s ‘zoomed out/zoned out’ children,’ reveals wildlife author Rozanne Weissman. 

Imaginary Journey to rainforests of Borneo to see orangutans’ transports children beyond the book‘s first Borneo journey and behind the scenes—things NOT in the book. Like Rozanne, children will see MANY orangutans (in slideshow) as they travel in the rainforest with the world’s leading primatologist on orangutans Dr Birute Mary Galdikas. Rozanne likens this to “traveling with world-renowned Jane Goodall to see chimpanzees.” They will see how orangutans move—illustrated in a video of beloved little Bornean orangutan Redd on the O-line at the Smithsonian National Zoo. 

Despite Disability Dilemma

Rozanne Weissman’s children’s book is also inspirational for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. A volunteer with children, Rozanne’s wildlife travel stories, photos, and videos intrigued children. She was asked to create a book for the children.

But HOW with permanent hand/wrist disabilities and no computer?

Undeterred, the author produced the 36-page children’s book on her small iPhone 8 screen—dictated on Seri and laid out in the SimplePrints app. This “labor of love” now has more than 20+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Perfect gift for:

  • your children
  • grandchildren
  • nieces
  • nephews
  • cousins
  • neighbors
  • children of friends, colleagues, employees, service providers
  • children abroad—interest in animal story universal

Rozanne’s track record 🐾 of RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS

Prior to becoming a children’s book author,  Rozanne was a top marketing communications exec and head of her consultancy, Rozanne Weissman & Associates. For employers and clients, she won more than 60 national and international marketing/ communications awards!