Rozanne developed a highly effective marketing plan for the launch of Discovery Communications’ Animal Planet network, working across divisions of the company to implement it when I was GM of the network. She rose to the challenge: Develop a plan that would increase distribution and audience quickly and reasonably. Animal Planet then became the fastest growing cable network.”

—Clark Bunting, Former President & GM Discovery Channel, President Science Channel, President and GM Animal Planet

Rozanne is a consummate marketing communications pro who excels at producing and marketing PSAs that garner millions of dollars of donated media and major national and international awards. When we went to the networks in New York and Atlanta for the sell-in where she spearheaded the pitch, eight networks and cable channels including ABC, CBS, CNN, USA, immediately started airing her TV spots nationally. And she personally negotiated free digital exposure on the Panasonic board in Times Square and Gallery Place in the nation’s capital. It’s great to work with creative, productive clients like her, who understand deadlines and knows how to get the team to function smoothly.”

—Keith Hempel, President, TV Access

Rozanne was one of my two smartest clients when I headed Ogilvy in Washington, DC. She was a key player in our winning 10 awards on a major telecommunications campaign. She is an excellent marketing communications strategist. Her work as a media spokesperson on a difficult situation came to the attention of Korn/Ferry and they recruited her as VP Corporate Communications for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. She is quick, thorough, a great working partner and gets the job done.”

—Michael Dowling, Management Consultant in Communications (former president of Ogilvy DC and a number of other agencies)

Rozanne is the consummate marketing communications professional who really takes the time to understand the target market and product. We developed a Hispanic-targeted campaign that used traditional radio media to drive traffic to mobile phone platforms and broadband website applications. She had excellent knowledge and gut instincts on working with social media and the Hispanic market. Her overall experience in developing award-winning campaigns was invaluable to our project.”

—Carlos Alcazar, President & CEO, Hispanic Communications Network

When I headed a public broadcasting promotion group, I watched Rozanne literally salvage the reputation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, where she was then VP, by a savvy communications plan to smartly and strategically regain public and government support after a series of embarrassing CPB management missteps. In fact, she designed CPB’s first real, public annual report, making it a striking vehicle that helped articulate the value of greater support for public TV and radio.

And at Panasonic we were delighted to showcase her award-winning ASE TV PSAs. These clever spots cut through the clutter when they aired on TV and they were even more eye-catching on Panasonic’s giant Times Square video billboard. No question they garnered national media attention to their important message and brought more support to help grow the Alliance to Save Energy.”

—Peter M. Fannon, Former President, National Association of Public Television Stations, and currently VP Corporate & Government Affairs, Panasonic Corporation of North America

Rozanne did a great job as a consultant on simplifying the architecture of Whelan Group Seminars website, writing and updating content, and working with my webmaster on greater search engine optimization (SEO). She also wrote a lively news release and social media postings that ranked my firm higher on search engines than ever before.

In addition, Rozanne had a lot of good ideas on new target markets and creating a new more reasonable compressed course that was responsive to today’s staff time and budget realities. She worked closely with me to design and co-teach this new course offering which we piloted at First Class. Rozanne is now featured on my website as a senior associate, business writing trainer.

Over the years, I have also worked with Rozanne as a consultant to her previous employers—retrospectives for major anniversaries of CPB and ASE and also business writing training for both — and have been impressed with the high caliber of creative work she turns out that has generated a large number of well-deserved awards and recognition.”

—Michael Whelan, President Whelan Group Seminars, “10 Secrets” Workplace Business Writing Trainer in 20 Countries. Creative learning design.

Beyond being a great speaker and trainer, Rozanne is also very caring thoughtful and immediately connects with whoever she meets. She is very client centered and makes sure that everything she does or works on is beyond expectations. You can’t go wrong by working with Rozanne.“

—Arnold Sanow, speaker and author of “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” Speaker/Coach to Improve Customer /Workplace Relationships through Oral, Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

When I watched you both (Rozanne Weissman and Michael Whelan of Whelan Group Seminars) in action teaching the ‘10 Secrets of Powerful Business Writing & Email that Gets Results,’ it reminded me of what First Class is all about…great information given in a dynamic format with pithy examples. I loved how you involved the students with the games, the apple martinis, and the questions. So, thank you both for all your hard work and creative input. The preparation and thought behind what you presented was most evident. Stellar performance!”

—Deborah Leopold, Past President & Founder, First Class Inc. Lifelong Learning Center

Rozanne Weissman’s energy and environmental consumer market research and creative consumer campaigns for the Alliance to Save Energy helped facilitate the growth of the Alliance Associates program and helped attract new members including retailers Home Depot and Sears. Rozanne had excellent relationships with many of the leaders in the communications field and her work on behalf of the Alliance’s communications team garnered numerous awards.”

—Leslie Cordes, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, UN Foundation

Rozanne is one of the most extraordinarily creative managers I’ve worked for during my four-decade career in PR-media relations. I’ve seen her develop and execute compelling campaigns for a wide range of entities, from large corporations to small non-profits. Effectively, and always within budget, she “gets the message across,” reaching the targeted audience/readership and capturing media attention. Several of her campaigns — print, video, audio, web-based or a combination of all four — also have won prestigious awards. I first worked for Rozanne when she was VP, Corporate Communications, and later assisted her with several projects at a non-profit, where I learned firsthand why she is one of the most respected PR/marketing professionals in Washington.”

—Joan Shaffer, Photographer at Shaffer Photography and former Media Associate at Corporation for Public Broadcasting and US Department of Agriculture

Rozanne was my mentor at the Animal Track Foundation, and she has been supportive of my environmental career growth since then. From her I got a wealth of information in nonprofit management from conducting market research to writing business plans, creating education organization partnerships, communicating with a high profile board, negotiating licensing agreements, and conducting a merger search and merger.

—Elenor Hodges, President Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment and former Animal Tracks assistant